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As I get ready for another year of homeschooling (going on our 9th) I sit on my bed, with schedules, notebook, catalog and pen in hand and pray. I set them in front of me as well as my ideas and thoughts as I pray to my Lord. I jot down notes, what we still need and wonder how it's going to get done. I pray and ask God to help me get schedules started and organize space for a nice flowing year. I'm very intimidated with the upcoming year.
I pray some more, and ask the Lord, what do I need to do to get the children ready for the fall. Things are so scattered in my brain. I know what I want to accomplish but how. Where do I start?

I ask the Lord, to help me keep my focus on Him.


  1. Oh Linda, I know how overwhelming a task this can seem, especially with more than two children. Just keep praying and God will give you the wisdom to get it all together and scheduled out. In the meantime try to relax a bit this summer before the madness starts all over again very soon. ;)

  2. (((Hugs))) and praying alongside you! I know that you will see His path ahead with His plans for a special homeschooling year ahead.


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