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Rambling about School

This is our last week of school. Not that we will stop schooling through the summer but I can say we did 36 weeks of school and 180 days. Don't know why it feels good to write that but it does. I think because it shows that we accomplished our school days.

I'll admit we didn't use every. single. page. in the kiddos workbooks. I know we did get a lot done. The children are moving forward. We completed a lot.

Caleb, completed Bob Jones Math 4. He worked consistently from January in his Spelling Workout and MCP Plaid Phonics books. Slowly he is going through Phonics Pathways. It may not look as if he finished the year because I added in a few things in the middle of the year but slow and steady wins the race as they say.
I ended up switching things around with Caleb and Brent, because Phonics Road was not working. I stopped using it. I went about a month wondering what to use in replace of PR. Phonics Road was their spelling, copywork, dictation, writing, reading, and phonics all rolled up into one. When I let it go (click here to read why) I let go of 3/4 of our school subjects.
Both Caleb and Brent are almost done with Dancing Bears Fast Track A/B. Book C, comes next but I'm not sure if we will continue with Dancing Bears Fast Track. We all can't stand it. When I pull the book out I'm the one that wants to complain =) The boys don't care for it either but thankfully they do as their told and don't complain.
If we don't continue with Fast Track Reading they will continue with Phonics Pathways for sure. The boys are already half way through the program. We are using it mainly for spelling but I will start having them read every word and sentence if I stop Fast Track Reading with them. Currently with Phonics Pathways, I'm introducing the new rule and dictating words and sentences to them.

I think I  have everything picked out for next year. I'm really excited. I haven't purchased most of what we'll use and can't wait to.

History, is the one subject I'm not exactly sure of yet. I was 99.99% sure I had decided on Easy Classical Early Modern Time. As I look at all the book needed I wonder if I really can handle another literature approach right now. My plate is pretty full. As much as I want to use it, I don't think I can get it all done.

My 2nd option would be to use Queen Homeschool Supplies Living History. I like that it's one book. I can add more read aloud book if I like. I own Sonlight Core 3 books.

3rd option, use Story of the World Vol. 3 but not use all the extra books. Use only one book and again add read aloud books from SL-3. I would like to use the Activity Guide too. My only draw back with this, is my children have listened to the cd a gazillion times. We own the newer book but the older cds. We can all listen to the cds together. With adding the Acivity Pages maybe it will help make it something new.

Anyway, that's my rambling for today. Maybe tomorrow I will write what I plan to use with each kiddo.

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  1. I vote for the option 2 SCM and adding books to that. ;) I also like ditching everything else for phonics and keeping one book, Phonics Pathways. Looking forward to what you will be using with each child.

    You and I will both be finishing up this week. Yahoo! For us it will be week 38, but some days were extremely relaxed for us and this week has been mega relaxed so far.


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