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Reading Assessments

At the beginning of Annette's 5th grade year, I had her take a reading assessment. Her reading ability was at a 7th grade level. Now that our school year is complete, I had her take another assessment and again she scored at a 7th grade level.

Joshua, at the beginning of the 7th grade also scored at a 7th grade level. Again, when I had him take the assessment yesterday, he still scored at a 7th grade reading level.

I'm wondering how can I help my children continue to read. They have gone through their phonics lessons and then some.

This summer I am having Joshua, Annette, Caleb, Brent and Ethan, go through, Elizabeth's free Phonics Lessons. Hopefully, this will give them the skills they need to decode most words.

The assessment I used was Blummfield Oral Reading Assessment Test. You can also use one from Sonlight's Quick Reading Assessment. Both are good but I do like that the Blummfield one has lots of words, and you can see where a child needs help. With Josh and Annette, I can more accurately pin-point the problem.

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