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Schedule for 2011-2012 School Year

So, here I thought I was set for next school year. I KNEW what I was going to use. I should know myself by now, but I was fooled again!

I am changing my history choice up and am not so sure we'll use Bob Jones for Science (I'm talking about history and science for my four younger kiddos). I should use Bob Jones Science 4 with the dvds because I know it will get done, but it's very expensive. My second choice is to use Apologia's Flying Creatures. I own the book and would only need to purchase the student journals.

There are other things I'm considering but I think I'll keep quiet and wait until I have it sitting on my shelf.

Yesterday, I made a schedule for our 2011-2012 school year. I know I need to get more organized to fit in our subjects. I'm really praying and seeking the Lord in this, because as of right now it looks impossible.

Here is what I have. This schedule is for the four younger ones and I. I don't know anything about Bob Jones Distance Learning and am not sure how to schedule that in yet. Hopefully in July, I can order them and figure it out.

Start school at 8:00a.m. sharp! If we don't start early, nothing going to get done. At eight we will start the day off with Bible. I was going to have Ethan and Lance use Big Truth for Little Kids and Caleb and Brent use Leading Little Ones to God. I know I can't fit two different Bible times in, so now I will have them all use Leading Little Ones to God.

8:30-9:00/Brent, Caleb and Ethan, will do spelling/copywork/penmanship. Not exactly sure how they will fit it all in but there will be room later in the schedule for them to finish. At this time I will school Lance.

9:00-9:30/Mom, still schooling Lance. Caleb, Brent and Ethan do math.

9:30-10:00/Mom schools Ethan. Caleb and Brent, Critical Thinking (this includes Editor in Chief and Math Detective. They can alternate days). Lance, free time.

10:00-10:30/Mom, continues schooling Ethan. Caleb, Brent and Lance take a break.

10:30-11:00/Mom teaches writing with Caleb and Brent. Ethan, Critical Thinking. Lance, controlled free time (meaning he can work on a puzzle/color etc.)

11:00-11:30/Mom teaches grammar with Caleb and Brent. Ethan and Lance, free time (maybe pick-up their room or make sandwiches for lunch).

12:00-1:00/Lunch for all.

1:00-2:00/All four younger ones work on history or science. I'll read the text and have the children narrate or outline. We will alternate days. History/Science/History/Science etc.

2:00-3:00/Latin for all four younger ones. Song School Latin for Ethan and Lance. Latin Primer for Caleb and Brent. I'm hoping that Caleb and Brent, can do more of this on their own. I can watch the dvd before-hand.

3:00-4:00/Quiet time or nap for all (mom can blog if she has any energy left)

4:00-?/Have children finish their copywork, spelling or penmanship.

The above schedule doesn't show the little five minute breaks that they will take going from one subject to another. The children will have to use the potty, get snack or a drink during the five minute breaks.

I know a school-at-home setting is often looked down upon in the homeschooling world, but I don't know any other way to fit all our subjects in. Quite honestly, a few of my children seem to do better when their school day is scheduled out like this. Everyone will know what they should be doing and when they should be doing it.

I let Lupe, know that this schedule will not work with one computer. Hee, hee. I requested four laptops and six timers. Yes, that's exactly how my hubby looked, well not exactly, he more or less, laughed but did say, maybe we can swing two.

My plan is to have a bookshelf next to my desk (dinner table) with all the teacher manuals, Ethan and Lance's stuff. This way I can pull book/TM etc. out and put them away without wasting precious walking minutes. Every minute counts.

Hopefully I'll be so organized and have finger snacks available for all (including me).

I don't expect our days to run smoothly. I know this schedule leaves no room for real life happening (which will happen) but at least it's a start. If we get knocked off course, we'll start whatever subject is under that time slot. What was missed can be done in the evening or next day.

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  1. Even though I am not the school at home type I do understand the need for a plan and structure with teaching multiple children. I think as long as you keep an open mind about making tweeks and changes as needed you will suceed in your plans. And remember our God is a God of Order right.lol! My only worry would be to make sure you put in enough time for your own breaks as well. Mommy doesnt need to get burned out.


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