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I hit the submit button at Christianbook.com. I figured if I'm going to purchase some of the things I want, I need to take matters into my own hands (big grin). I started selling curriculum that I am no longer using. It's been a busy few weeks with posting, answering, packing and shipping.

Praise the Lord! I was able to make an order. Just in case you all want to know I ordered:
  1. America the Beautiful Curriculum Package
  2. Two extra timeline and map books for Caleb and Brent, who will use America the Beautiful with Annette.
  3. America the Beautiful Lesson Review Book for Annette. Not sure if we will use this but purchased just in case. I plan to have Annette, practice outlining and summarizing instead of using the Lesson Review Book.
  4. Notebooking Journal for Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 (Flying Creatures). I purchased three. Annette, Caleb and Brent will use this.
  5. Study Skills Strategies: Outlining
  6. Latin Monkey Match
  7. Song School Latin Teacher Manual
  8. Song School Latin workbook
  9. Katy a book that needs to be purchased to complete America the Beautiful
  10. Two more Latin Primer A workbooks. I already have everything needed for Caleb and Brent, but decided to add in Annette and Josh. I was going to use Latin Alive with the two older students but have heard it moves pretty fast. I feel more comfortable starting with the Primer and moving onto Latin Alive another year.
That's what I ordered today. I was a bit nervous because of the Latin stuff. Nervous because I'm wondering if we will really do it. The children are really excited and have been wanting to learn Latin for a few years now, so praying that we'll get to it this year.

I got free shipping too. I was really excited about that. Right now (not sure how long it will last) if you call their customer service number, press 1 and ask for a promotion coder for orders over $100.00. They will give you a one time promo code.

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