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Summer School Day 2

I didn't take any pictures but Lance, completed another lesson of All About Reading. He still doesn't get the rhyming very well. I really have to stress the ending sounds. I also have him look at my mouth when I say the words. I need to play the rhyming games more then once a day.

Joshua, Annette, Caleb and Brent, worked on their penmanship. The continued with the letters of the alphabet and copied a verse from the Mystery Of History Notebooking Pages.

Annette, Caleb and Brent, started a craft. Making the days of Creation. This is an activity from The Mystery of History.

Ethan, was suppose to practice his penmanship and do the craft too but he was having so much fun playing 'survival' with his cousin Joel. Ethan, will start his craft after supper and hopefully get his penmanship in.

The five older children all sat in on The Phonics Lessons.

Caleb, has been reading The Magic Treehouse series. I'm happy to see him reading. Praying, that he will be able to read most of his schooling text next year or at least the bulk of it. I don't mind being there but it's hard to be there for every.single. subject.

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