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Summer School Week in Review 2011

Lance, completed another week of All About Reading. His letter for this week was 'f'.

 He completed four pages from his Living Math Book. He also did two lessons of Funnix Math.
 Here he is painting.
Annette, working on Penmanship. She also had her Friday, Sow and Sew class.
 Ethan, completed three Teaching Textbooks lessons. Today he did lesson 41.

Joshua, started Application of Grammar Book 1 and it's pretty hard. I am having to sit with him and explain things again. I am also going over fractions with Josh as well. He needs lots of repetition. Next week I will have him continue reviewing fractions, hopefully the week after he can resume Teaching Textbooks. Josh also completed lesson 6 of Writing With Ease level 3.

Annette, completed three Saxon Math lessons. She can't wait to finish and start Math-U-See. We were talking a few weeks back and she thinks she needs more review. Per Annette, Teaching Textbook and Saxon Math do not have enough review for her. With this information I think she needs a more mastery approach to math.
She also completed Writing With Ease week-6 and has completed five pages of penmanship.
Writing with Ease included her copywork and narration. With both Josh and Annette, I haven't used it for dictation yet. I plan to start in a few weeks.

Caleb, has completed at least a page a day of Math Mammoth 4/B and penmanship. He also did a weeks worth of Writing With Ease 2.

Brent, completed four lessons of Teaching Textbooks. He is doing well but I noticed that the problems he misses are the long multiplication. Next week I will go over this with him.

All five of the older kiddos, watched 3 lessons from The Phonics Lessons. Josh looks like he's so bored with our phonics lessons. I'm thankful that he obeys even when he doesn't want to. I know it will help improve his reading though. If you look at the Language Lessons page you will see lots of nonsense words and there are some where I have to stop and really look at the letters and combinations to read it. I know by the end of the lessons I'll have learned a thing or two as well.

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