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Thinking Out Loud

We took a week off from anything schoolish. The children and I lounged around. Did what we wanted to without a schedule. It was fun. I'll have to post pictures of our week off.

Today, I thought we needed to get back to a little more structure. If not then I have children who bicker, argue and at times fight, yes, here at Homeschooling6 my kids have been known to hit one another. Embarrassing but true. Usually it's the four younger ones.

This summer I am having all the children work on their penmanship. I had them all sit at the table and practice the alphabet in print. Tomorrow they will continue with printing. Hopefully on Wednesday, they will practice the alphabet in cursive.

All the kids where suppose to do math today, but that didn't happen (mama being tired and all). Only my Ethan, did a half page of Math Mammoth.

I did gather my five youngest (something had to be done with the children quarreling) to give Mystery of History Volume 1 a try. I read the first lesson. Tomorrow we will do a notebooking page. I didn't  plan to do this today, so I am not really prepared. All my timeline figures are in storage and where in storage I don't know.

Maybe tomorrow, the children and I can get our binders ready. I don't even have the timelines set up yet. I have one WinterPromise timeline that I won from A Homemaker's Heart giveaway a few weeks back for Caleb. I know I have another one in storage somewhere for Brent. I may have to have Brent, play catch-up with the timeline (if we can find it). I can't afford to buy another. I also have Sonlight's timeline, sitting on the shelf that he can use for this year, that might be an option. Although I do like how WinterPromise's timeline, is 3-hole punched and has room for notebook pages to be inserted between the dates.

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