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4th of July

We spent our fourth of July without fireworks this year. Instead we woke up late.  Did a quick clean-up. Then we all got ready to leave the house at 11:40am and off we were to the see a movie. My dad has been going on and on about Rango, so Rango it was. It cost us only $6.00 for our family of 8! Lupe and I were thrilled. After the movie, we took the children to In-N-Out Burgers. The lines have finally settled down. It's still busy but not where the line was out the door. There weren't any seats for us in the nice air conditioned building, we had to sit outside. It was over 100 degrees (like it's been for the past month). We survived. It actually wasn't too bad. Could it be I'm finally adapting to these hot summer Texas days?

The children really enjoyed the burgers. Brent, thought they were really tasty. All but Annette, finished their hamburger. We were surprised that Lance, ate it all. It was a little after 2:00 when we ate and the kiddos didn't have any snacks, so that might have contributed to them eating everything.

We then went to Target. Lupe, was looking for some T-shirts that were on clearance. While there we found a pair of shoes for Josh. Poor guy. His shoes were in need of replacing. When Lupe, asked him if the shoes he was wearing were is 'going out shoes' Josh, replied, "I only have two pairs. My church shoes and these." and the 'these' shoes were looking pretty shabby.

As we checked out, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the shoes were half off. We paid $12.00.

There was a camping and hunting store across from Target. The boys asked if we could go look around. Guess what? I found a pair of shoes too! I needed some good hiking/walking shoes. Just normal shoes to leave the house in casual clothes. The shoes were normally over $50.00. We paid $17.99.

By the time we left the camping/hunting store I was drained and so was Lupe. On the way home all but Caleb, fell asleep. We reached home a little after four o'clock. Lupe and I took a nap, the children watched an episode of the A-Team.

After our nap, Lupe and the kids went outside and tended to the yard. I stayed inside and made some ice tea and cleaned the kitchen some. We had hot dogs for dinner. The children watched another movie, Lupe  paid some bills and I read. About 11:00pm or so we all went to bed.

It was fun having Lupe, home.

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