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Box Day!

Another box day. America the Beautiful and our science notebooks came today. I am happy they came before my family (who are arriving Wednesday) because it would have been torture not to get a good look at the books.

As much as I like seeing, feeling and yes, smelling my new books, it's also a wake-up call that we have to use them too. It's one thing to look at them and another to sit and get them done. By this I mean, I have to find the time to teach these subjects. Yikes! Not that I don't like to teach because I do with all my heart (except phonics) but at times it can be tiring and even with the best schedule can be hard to actually do.

Homeschooling moms have to not only teach but keep house, discipline and the list goes on. Anyway, not saying it's all bad but just trying to paint a picture.

With that said, I'm very excited! I am trying to figure out a schedule. I think we might do three days of history and two of science. Even so, I'm not sure how we will get it done. Sorry, I'm not complaining but there is so much to do and I need to figure out what to do and what to leave out. For instance, one of my main goals with Caleb, Annette and Brent are to have them outline from their history and science text this year. After looking at our history and science programs (which are already full with the assignments that go with the programs) and seeing what is included in each days work. I need to weed through it and figure out what is my goal for for this year. I can't imagine the boys doing all the work included plus outline, narrate and summarize too.

Here is an example from America the Beautiful. One day is one lesson. In lesson one I am to:
  1.  read five pages from the main text.
  2. Thinking Biblically-the child is to look up Gen. 1 and make a list numbered 1-6 and write beside each number what God made on that day and write one thing that people in America can enjoy that was made on that day of creation.
  3. Map Study-follow directions
  4. Literature-Read the introduction from We the People
  5. Creative writing assignment
  6. Student workbook
This lesson didn't include a timeline lesson.

It is estimated that each lesson will take between 1hr to 1hr 1/2. It is also mentioned that not everything has to be done.

What I might do is leave the creative writing assignment out. With Caleb and Brent, I did not purchase the workbook, so that takes care of that. Think Biblically I will sometimes skip, just depends on what it is. There seems to be a lot of verses to copy for the Thinking Biblically and we may do that for our copywork.

What I would like us to do is the mapwork, timeline, and outlining. I guess until we actually do it, I really don't know how it will work.

I am going to try to schedule an hour a day for history/science. One way we can do this is alternate. Monday-history. Tues.-science. Wed.-history. etc. or we can do history Mon. Tues. Wed. and science Thur. and Fri.

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  1. This post is so honest and so true, Linda! A homeschooling mom has to juggle so many hats in one day. It is only through the strength of God that we make it through and make it look semi easy.

    I like your plan of breaking it up. I would do a few consecutive days of each, though, to not break the momentum. I would do 3 days of history and two of science, but I know you will experiment with the scheduling and it will come to you. ;) I also agree not to do everything in the lesson plan. You can definitely skip the creative writing assignments and just have discussions on the thinking biblically parts. The workbook could be for independent work when you are working with one of the littles.

    Dee :)


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