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Family Visit

Here are a few pictures from last week.
The cousins Z, Lance and J2 woke early and to keep them quiet, Grandpa had them play a game. Our table is pretty big. It's hard to sit around it and play a game, especially if you are small. This is why little Z, decided to sit on the table instead.
 Cousin M, playing games on his phone with Ethan, Caleb, Lance and Brent.
 Little cousin D, loved hanging out with Annette.
 So did cousin R.
 My Mother/Father-in-law celebrated their anniversary with us. This picture was taken the night before they would be leaving. It was almost 10:00pm. Lupe and I had taken them out to dinner, with our kids earlier.
 Grandma wanted a photo of all the grandchildren. Ethan, was feeling sick, so he was laying in bed when this picture was taken.
 Josh, acting like he will be the driver.
 Saying goodbye.

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