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My family left yesterday along with two of my children. Joshua and Annette, are on their way to California. It was hard letting them go but I know they will have a good time with their grandparents and cousins.

It was nice having them here. Lupe and I were even able to sneak in a few dates. We went to Costco on one date and Target on another.

While the family was here we decided to celebrate Lance's birthday. Next month he will turn 7yr. old. We went with a Curious George theme. He loves that monkey and looks a bit like him too! Especially when he was younger. I think it's the mouth. He can open his mouth so big and round.

Monday, we'll get back to summer school. Lance, needs to finish All About Reading. Ethan, will finish off the summer with Writing With Ease 1 and Delightful Reading. Caleb and Brent, will continue with Writing With Ease and math. Hopefully this will keep their brains going until we start school again.


  1. Oh you parted with your baies :(...lol...I have trouble parting with mine. I'm sure they will so enjoy this summer trip! Missed ya! Can you believe we are almost in August...where does the time go?

  2. Hey, my kiddos are coming to town!! :) I'll have to drop by and see them. How long are they going to be in CA? I bet you are going to miss them, huh? Hopefully they brought a camera so they can take lots of pictures (just like their mama) ;)


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