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Happy 7th Birthday Lance!!!

Lance, turns 7 in August but we celebrated his birthday in July. His cousin 'Z' is a few months older and turned 7 in May. We decided to celebrate their birthdays together. This is the first time almost all the cousins have been together since 2008 (I think). We are missing two little ones.

Lance, received a Duck Tape Wallet from Caleb.

I cropped some of the photos to only show Lance, because I didn't ask my SIL if I could post pictures of her children. I try to keep pictures of cousins to a minimum.

Lance, received a Thor helmet and sword. We haven't seen the movie but that doesn't matter to Lance. All he knows is he has a neat helmet/mask and new sword ;)


  1. Happy Birthday, Lance!!!! I love your Curious George cake!

    Looks like your special day went well.
    Love the cake and how happy you look!


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