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Mom's Summer Readings

I was suppose to start our summer school sessions back up today, but.........instead I was glued to the couch listening to one of the kiddos audio books. Gregor the Overlander. It's about an eleven year old boy and his two year old sister. They fall through a vent and end up under the city of New York. People live down in the 'underland' along with talking rats and large, talking roaches. They end up on a quest to find their dad who's been missing for almost three years.

The author was inspired to write a novel about a boy falling from a manhole because many children live in cities. She wondered what city kids must think of Alice in Wonderland. In the city one is more apt to fall down a manhole than a rabbit hole and thus her story began about Gregor.

I really enjoyed it and appreciated how clean it was. No name calling and such. Now I can't wait to listen to the second book. My children have already listened to all five books. Caleb, would like to collect them the printed books. Yay! Maybe he'll be inspired to read them.

I've also had my nose in a few books as well. I am taking the summer to read some of the books I  have for the children. Sad to say, I'm unable to read all the books we buy and rely on lots of prayer and teaching the children to pick good literature. I also encourage them to talk about what they read.
I like to read the book when I can to further discuss the books. The Midwifes Apprentice for instance is pretty dreary. The midwife is very superstitious and it talks about that in the book. At first I was glad that I picked up the book to read before Annette. I thought to hide the book instead of letting her read it but the I thought, this book takes place in medieval England. In that time period there was a lot of superstitious beliefs. I have since decided that I will let Annette, read the book and we can discuss what happens together.

I have also read Ruby Holler. This one is about a boy and girl who are twins and live in an orphanage. They aren't treated very well by the orphanage parents or foster parents, they tend not to trust adults and are waiting for a good time to catch a train and escape. Then an elderly couple take them for the summer to their home called Ruby Holler. I was glued to this book as well. Couldn't go to bed until I finished it. The only thing I didn't like was the girls attitude and her constant word 'putrid' but I soon accepted it thinking, the poor child has been through a lot. Anyway, it was a good read and am sure the children will enjoy it as well. It will be another good book to talk about with the kiddos.

Brian's Hunt is another good one. This one does have a scene where Brian finds a mother and father who are mauled by a bear. The couple he knows. This book is actually the second or third of a sequel. I hope I didn't pack the first two books because I can't find them here at the house. I have looked everywhere. Now that I read Brian's Hunt, I  would like to read the first book too called Hatchet.
Brian's Hunt, is about a sixteen year old boy who feels more comfortable living in the woods then in the city. He is homeschooling too, so he can live in the wild.

I  was skeptical and unsure of the children reading Wolves from the Beyond because it has myths and talks about the animals spiritual journeys. Again, I have decided to allow the children to read it and we can discuss it. The author of this series about the wolves also wrote the books Guardians of Ga'hoole (which I haven't read but there is a movie out that we plan to see as soon as it's available from Netflix).
I read the first two book and hope to read the last two in the series.

Those are a few of the books I've been reading this week. If I stay up late I can average a book a day.

I have slim pickings though because I packed so many books away. I am pretty sure Hatchet was one of them.

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  1. Adam really enjoyed Hatchet! Definitely a boy's book. He also read a few others by the author of that book and enjoyed them all. Adam also read most of the series of Owl's of Gahoole. I think he's got one more to go. He enjoyed them as well and said they were good for a break of the literature he was reading beforehand. I tell them that it's sometimes good to take a break and read a book just because they want to...a really interesting one.

    Have your children read the Shadow Children Series. We loved those! But maybe you would want to read it first. Definitely something for your Joshua. Adam loved it (the series) and I did too. I won't let Joshua read them until he's in the 6th grade, though. I plan to have lots of discussions with him about it and now I just found out that there is a continuing series. Can't wait to check those out!


    Enjoy your summer!


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