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Box Day!

We homeschooling mamas can become a bit excited once we hit the submit button. I know many like me who stock the poor mail man and UPS trucks. We just can't wait to see the shiny new books and manuals. Oh, what a fun day when 'Box Day' comes.

Today, was a little bit of fun. I didn't get a huge Sonlight or WinterPromise box. Just a little one from CBD. It contained Song School Latin and the Latin Primer A books. I was hoping it would have been the box that has America the Beautiful, but it was still fun. I learned how to say 'hello' and 'goodby' in Latin.


  1. Yes, box days are such fun! Need to get my act together and place GIANT Rainbow Resource order.

  2. Oh I completely agree- I love it when those boxes arrive.

  3. Oh these are the funnest days!!! Enjoy and post pics! ;) I got a small MUS package today as well...I was so excited...so silly of me to be excited over Algebra 2. Only a homeschooling mom would understand that excitement...:)


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