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I'm keeping my days busy with loading pictures to Snapfish. I hate to admit I have a year worth of pictures that need to be sorted and dated. At the beginning of the year (did I mention the year of 2009) I said to myself, "Linda, at the end of each month, you must load your pictures to Snapfish and stay organized." Well, I didn't do it.

Yesterday I found a small notebook that I labeled "Snapfish Log". I thought this would help keep what I'm ordering, uploading and deleting in order so I wouldn't forget. I am going through each folder at Snapfish and on my computer to make sure I don't miss any photos.

I am going to take advantage of the coupons that Snapfish sends as well. Yesterday I ordered 200 photos for $2.00+shipping. Today I ordered two birthday collages and 118 photos for half price.

I plan to purchase a photo album each payday and put the pictures in them. The children really enjoy seeing pictures from the past. I have completed two already (not creative memories but at least they will be enjoyed). One has photos of Josh and the other has our move from CA to TX.

That's what I'm going to be up to the rest of the summer. Organizing those pictures, getting them in albums and enjoy looking at how much my children have grown.


  1. I have to get on my pics as well. Thanks for the reminder. I didn't know Snapfish did pictures so cheap. I'm on my way to check them out. ;)

  2. I haven't uploaded pictures to Snapfish in over a year! I need to do that too and like you I want to order some of their prints but keep thinking, when will I have the time to scrapbook them? I like your idea of just putting them in an album until ready (if ever) to spruce them up.