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Summer Days

Today I read Behind the Secret Window: A Memoir of a Hidden Childhood During World War II. Every time I read a book about how people survived. It amazes me. I can't really imagine going through something like that. Annette, read the book too, so we had a good talk.

While reading the children played with legos and Lincoln logs. They also made their own lunch. Like I've mentioned before. When mama starts a good book, the kiddos have to fend for themselves for a few hours.

I'm excited that I almost have all the books I will need for Caleb and Brent's school. What's left to purchase is Math-U-See for Caleb. Tracking Your Walk for both Caleb and Brent. I'm not sure if I'll be purchasing Math Detective after-all. I bought Editor and Chief and it's not working with our newer computer and only computer (we purchased it 1.2yrs. ago). It looks like the Critical Thinking programs are not compatible with Windows 7 (think that's it)

Once those are purchased, their school buying is done. I still have nothing for Josh. Annette, Ethan and Lance, are almost there but not quite. Slowly we are getting there. Half of it was selecting. At least right now I know what I want to use. We just can't order the rest until the end of this month.

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  1. I also have one of those critical thinking cd's that is not compatable with my comptuer. :(


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