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Summer School Week in Review 2011

Lance, completed 'g' and 'h' lessons from All About Reading. We found some of his paints.

 His art work.

Lance, also completed a few pages of Handwriting Without Tears.
Joshua, on his own started outlining from his history text.

He also worked on penmanship, grammar and completed a lesson 8 of Writing with Ease.

Josh, also experimented with melting wax to make 'survival' candles.
 Annette, found a very large squash. I think we need to keep a better eye out, so they don't grow so big.
She also completed a week of Writing with Ease.

Ethan, completed 2 math lessons and 2 Phonic Pathways lessons.
Caleb, completed 4pgs of Math Mammoth, did a weeks worth of Writing with Ease and a few pages of MCP Plaid Phonics.
Brent, completed 1 math lesson (that stinker) and Writing with Ease.
All children did some copywork. The oldest four watched three lessons of The Phonics Lessons.
Our read aloud is The Great Turkey Walk.


  1. Looks like a good, productive week!


  2. What a great week you all had! I love all the art pictures and projects, and I'm so impressed with Joshua's outlining! Way to go, Josh!

    Why do you want the sqashes to not be so big? It's absolutely perfect! :) How will you cook it?

  3. Yup, that's a big squash! :)


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