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Summer School Week in Review 2011

A little late but Annette, finally assembled the CHRISTmas train.

She also finished a weeks worth of Writing With Ease 3 and did some Math Whizz lessons. She finished Saxon and will continue with Math Whizz as her main math for the rest of the summer.

Ethan, lost a tooth this week. The toothfairy (Grandpa Joe) gave him a dollar. The toothfairy keeps getting lost. She ends up at Grandpa's house. Lupe and I are so bad with being the toothfairly. I remember when Josh and Annette, were at this age and would put their tooth under the pillow. Sometimes it would take many days for the toothfairy to finally arrive.

Ethan, did a few pages of Phonics Pathways, Handwriting Without Tears and 1 math lesson. I was able to obtain Writing with Ease 1 for $15.00 from another homeschooler. As soon as it comes, I'll start lessons with Ethan. I hesitated about buying it because PAL/Writing has copywork, narration and such as well. Upon thinking further I decided to go ahead and purchase WWE anyway because I won't start PAL until September. At least with WWE we can get started.

Brent, would stay curled up like a cat all day if I let him! 
 This week my Brent, made a fort using Lincoln Logs.

He too completed a weeks worth of WWE. Did 4pgs of Math Mammoth and did copywork. I think we will put Teaching Textbooks a side for the summer and continue in September. He was having trouble with long multiplication. We'll use Math Mammoth to practice through the summer.

Lance, is slowly working his way through All About Reading. He also completed a few pages of Handwriting Without Tears and a Ready Writer page.

And he finished a few lesson from Math Lessons for a Living Education. My goal was to have him further along in this book by now, but I keep finding so many good books to read, then there's the house to clean and all of a sudden it's time to prepare supper!
 Our poor Woody. He is barely hanging on these days. His pull-string and voice box is gone. Had to cut it off yesterday. It no longer worked. The voice box wouldn't fit in snugly anymore. It was causing his cloths to tear. His vest is on a stuffed animal. Thankfully we still have his hat. Lance, would like another Woody but at the same time he doesn't want to part with the original old pal. 

Josh, continues to study the Declaration of Independence. He didn't do much math this week other than Math Whizz. Maybe a little break will do him good. He completed a weeks worth of WWE.

The four older children have been reading like crazy. If they are not listening to an audio book they are reading. We have made three trips to the library in the past two week.

Well, that was our Week in Review.


  1. Hahaha! I love the Woody picture :) Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Poor Woody! My kids also have problem letting favorite toys go, no matter how sad looking they are.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Looks like a busy cool week. Always love reading about what your kids are doing.

  4. I am glad I found your blog again, I had lost you again.

  5. I just popped in from Girls Academy, I too have six children {only four boys ;)} and love coffee. How are you liking Living Math? I just bought it for my soon to be 5 yr old.

    Your style seems to be a little classsical and CM. We started classical and now are full CM. I'll be curious to read some more. My oldest dd will be sixth grade this fall. - Jenny


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