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What We Spend

With all the talk about how much do we spend on our children to homeschool, I thought it would be interesting to break it down some. I put a line through the items that have been purchased. Helps me keep track.

Bob Jones Distand Learning-$999.99
Latin Primer A-$18.49
Copywork for Boys-$9.99
Writing with Style-$21.75

America the Beautiful-$99.00 (this will be used with 3 children)
Review book-$9.95
Copywork for Girls-$9.99
Readers for AtB-$15.00
Analytical Grammar dvds-$40.00
WinterPromise Language Arts-$164.00
Math-U-See Epsilon student and teacher materials-$65.00
Latin Primer Workbook-$18.49
Science Journal-$16.99
Romans Study form SCM-$0.00 (own it)

Caleb and Brent:
Shurley English, student and teacher materials-$56.00
Math-U-See Epsilon workbook-$25.00
Critical Thinking Math Detective and Editor and Chief-$56.00
Latin Primer A Workbook, teacher manual and dvds-$96.00
Tracking Your Walk Bible Study x2-$19.98
Science Journal x2-$34.00
Boys Copywork-$9.99
America the Beautiful map and timeline books x2-$30.00
Classically Cursive x2-$24.00
Writing with History: Early to Modern Times-$19.99
Extra Latin Primer for Brent-$18.49
Extra Shurley English workbook and practice book for Brent-$16.00
Teaching Textbook Math 6, for Brent-$149 (he will finish 5 and start 6. We own 5 already)

Hide Away in History-$279.00
Winter Promise Language Arts-$164.00
Copywork for Boys-$0.00
Teaching Textbooks-$119.00
Song School Latin workbook, teacher material and monkey match-$56.00
Math Detective-$25.00

Hide Away in History Extra Journal-$25.00
Song School Latin Workbook-$15.00
The Little Man in the Map-$13.57

I didn't include pencils, markers, construction paper etc.

I think that's all of it. If not I'll edit to add anything I forgot.

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