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I started Writing with Ease level 1 with Ethan today. He completed lesson one which was copywork.I had hoped to start this sooner with Ethan, but with family visiting and me taking forever to get my energy back................

One thing (of many) that have been on my mind with regards to what writing program to use with Ethan, is, should I still purchase PAL/Writing or just only use Writing with Ease?

I have been going back and forth. I think PAL/Writing is pretty amazing. I love everything I see (not that I own it yet).

PAL/Writing is $89.00 but I don't plan to purchase the complete package. Only the writing portion, omitting the spelling.

With spelling I will have him finish Soaring with Spelling and may or may not move him to Spelling Wisdom. Still thinking about if I should continue with Soaring with Spelling or go a more Charlotte Mason approach. I like the idea of study dictation.

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  1. Linda, I love everything I'm seeing in Pal writing, and of course if you stay that route, you'll end up using IEW's writing program as well in the future. I guess I just love the progression of skills that I am seeing in everything that IEW produces.

    We used the WWE 1. It was the only WWE book that we actually enjoyed. I think it's good for that age range, but I love how PAL has integrated everything (handwriting, composition, grammar) so effortlessly into their writing program.



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