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On the Homeschool Front.........

Nothing is happening. I think knowing that we will be starting school soon, with a full schedule has me not wanting to do anything to do with school. We did some math lessons but that's about it.
I do want to get some Writing with Ease lessons in but I don't want to either. Same with Lance and his PAL/Reading. I want to get started but I don't, so we haven't.

The children have been listening to audio books, playing Oregon Trail or Risk, reading and helping around the house.

Like I've mentioned before, this has been a weird summer. Never in our homeschooling life have any of the children taken six weeks off of school. I think we still accomplished a lot. We did get narrations and copywork started again and kept up with the basics in math.

I'm still trying to figure out how to organize our school stuff. I want our days to have a good flow. No searching for things at the last minute and wasting precious time.
I also need to figure out a schedule. I may have to rotate subjects to fit them all in. I'm so thankful for some of the dvd subjects. I know this will really help me out.

Wednesday (not very good with titles)

Checked on the status of my Bob Jones curriculum and it's on its way but won't be here for another day or two. So close, yet so far.

Yesterday, Lupe took the children swiming at a friends house. Here is Brent, ready to go.
 The children had so much fun!!! They came home hungry, tired and excited. Ethan, is a little dare-devil and kept going in the deep end. Thankfully he had his little floaties, although he disobeyed. He was suppose to stay in the 3-4ft. I had a talk with him and told him he needed to apologize to his father. Lupe, had his 'man-to-man' talk with him. I didn't allow him to have a Twinkie either. No treats when you don't obey.
Below, the children are playing with Geo Safari. A friend from our previous church gave this to us two years ago. Her mother bought it for her children but her children were beyond the age for it. She saved it for her grand-children but they don't really use it, so she gave it to us. She still had many of the card for different subjects. From phonics to science. Lots of neat learning.

 I have been purging plastic containers. For the past several years I have slowly been getting rid of any Tupperware that I don't use regularly. Now I'm down to very little but still find lids and containers that I can do without.
Now, instead of purchasing containers we eat at a Ming Moon when we are getting low. My husband has been bringing me soup home and they come in these nice reusable plastic containers (see below).
Last night I put our taco left overs in them. They are so perfect. They store nicely too! The lids are all the same size. No more hunting down lids and containers.

Bob Jones

I checked my Bob Jones order and I'm excited to report that it's on its way. Yahoo! It's in Dallas right now. Maybe it will be here tomorrow. At least some of it. Two boxes where mailed on the 29 and the other two mailed the 30th (today). Josh will be so excited. He keeps asking when school will start. He  really misses his scheduled days.

Random Ramblings

Yesterday, my Christian Book (CBD) order came in.
The Beginning Drawing course was a damaged item and I was able to get it for $20.00. I think the original price from CBD was $29.00.
I purchased it for Brent. He has always loved drawing and although I do encourage him I haven't helped this talent of his. My sister gave me a drawing course 'I Can Do All Things' which includes DVDs from the same publisher but I thought I'd start with this one then move on.
 We need to get some Texas studies in. I thought this would be a start.

 Look what I won from a fellow blogger .  I was very excited. I love books, especially older ones.
Brent, loves making things out of anything. Here he made a flashlight.

 Annette, made a Bee.
 Josh, was eating out of a princess cup, so I captured it forever. He's a good sport!


I have so much catching up to do with regards to blogging. So many pictures but not enough time. The last three weeks have been busy. The children are home from California. My MIL stayed a whole 7 days and that was a treat! The children love how she takes them to Hobby Lobby and other places. Then I was sick for a good seven days. I still have some left over symptoms {coughing and yucky stuff}.
My mother-in-law had Bible Study with the children daily.
 She would make something like an outline to study the verse.

 Sears had a big back-to-school sale and it was the weekend of no tax. I found some matching pjs that the children really needed.

 Our first and only Cantaloupe. It looks like an eyeball. It was too small and went bad pretty quick, so we were not able to eat it. This was our first time planting watermelon and cantaloupe. The watermelon never produced either.
 Saying good-bye to Grandma. The kiddos really enjoy having her here.
There is one of my children missing, who is it? One child that is not mine, can you find him/her?

 Annette, ripping a box.
 Ethan and Lance, playing Time4Learning.
 Annette and Brent playing tic-tac-toe with their feet.
So much has happened that I wish I would have journaled a little bit. At least a sentence a day or something but I didn't. I love writing our memories down. It's so fun to read them a year or so later. Things that would have been forgotten are not.
My next post will most likely be about schooling. So many thoughts and ideas.
I did finally get to order most of our stuff. I put orders in at Christianbook.com, Winterpromise.com, AnalyticalGrammar.com, ExcellenceinWriting, and Bob Jones.
There are a few Nature Studies that I would still like to get and I'm still up-in-the air about history for Brent and Caleb (remember six months ago when I was so sure....) but for the most part (as soon as WP and BJ stuff comes) I can start planning.

Not Out of the Woods Yet

I'm still trying to simplify history for Caleb and Brent. I'm still trying to decide between America the Beautiful or Story of the World. Story of the World {SOTW} seems more simple to me but I like that America the Beautiful is more Christ-centered.

I did order the Activity Guide for Story of the World. Once I receive it I'll decide which route to go. I'll also reread The Well Trained Mind's history portion. Not sure if I'll do it exactly as recommended because that seems like a lot too. I'll just start slow, listening to each chapter and using the activity guide, then branch out from there.

I know I'm not making much sense but it helps when I write.

Miss Blogging

It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been busy. This past week I have been sick.

--->Saturday, I woke with a sore throat but ignored it, thinking it will go away.
--->Sunday, I had to call the church to let them know I was infected and couldn't watch the babies in the nursery.
--->Monday, my ears started itching, started coughing, I was tired and had to blow my nose most of the day. By the time I was ready for bed my nose was raw.
--->Tuesday, all I wanted to do was stay in my bed. My MIL was leaving at 2:30p.m. so I didn't want to stay in bed and not visit with her.
--->Wednesday, I stayed in bed and the kiddos took care of me. I was so tired.
--->Thursday, I have some energy but still have lots of mucus and coughing. No more itching ears though.
-->Friday, still coughing and blowing my nose. Slight headache because of my powerful coughs. I did email the church to let them know I won't be available again this Sunday.
-->Saturday, still coughing and congested, a little tired but still went on a date with my hubby. It was nice to sit, talk and eat a good meal.

Here is a picture of me being taken cared of.
Brent, heated me a slice of pizza. Annette, made some Oatmeal. Ethan, kept me company and gave me lots of baked chips. He wanted to make sure I didn't go hungry. He also gave me some Crystal Light to drink.
I was trying not to smile too much because then I  look like a chipmunk.


I'm debating whether I should make me a cup of instant decaf coffee. It's a little late but is sure sounds good. Okay, I talked myself into a cup..

Let me see, what things should I write about today. I had a orthodontist appointment, so my mouth is sore. They really tightened up those wires. I actually felt it went they did this. Normally I don't feel it right away. 
Since my mouth hurts, for lunch I had a twice baked potato. For supper Lupe, brought me some Wonton Soup from Ming Moon. He was so kind to buy me an eggroll too. I had to soak it in my soup though. It actually was quite tasty that way.

The children and I lounged today. I read a book and the kiddos listened to some audio books. We did some light cleaning but mostly read or listened to books.

I do try to get some school in most days but the great thing about summer is we can take it easy. It's a much needed rest from our school year. It's a time for me to get some extra reading in and the children to sleep in, make forts, or just listen to an audio book. Once school starts time will be limited.

Summer School hasn't exactly gone as planned. Josh and Annette, have taken a five week vacation. My kiddos have never taken five whole weeks off of school before. Like I mentioned we may school light during the summer but we are doing something.

Two weeks they took off when the grandparents and auntie/uncle were her. Then three weeks in California. Then this week too. Grandma, is flying back with them and will stay for a week.

I am bummed that Josh, wasn't able to continue his math during the summer, but at the same time I wonder if a break like this will do him good. My poor guy is always getting math shoved down his throat by his mama (who loves him very much).

I still haven't ordered all my school stuff. I'm not sure when we will officially start but I plan to continue with what we are doing until we can. I'll continue to concentrate on copywork, prepared dictation and narrations. Tomorrow I'll try to get Ethan, back on schedule with Teaching Textbooks Math 3.

Well, that's my babbling for today.

In Christ,

Missing Josh and Annette

I miss my two oldest kiddos something fierce but am happy they are having a great time visiting family and friends.

Here are some pictures that my sister took for me. Believe me this is only a sampling. My sister is a picture taker like me-self =)
My sister took the children to Ana-cappacino
 The famous cookie jar at my Grandma Tanny's (their great grandma)
 Our church in California. Miss my church family so much!!!
 Picture of my sister and her boyfriend with the kiddos and Grandma June.
 The children with Grandma Phyllis.

If you'd like to read more about the kiddos adventure click on the links below.

Summer School

It looks like it might rain today. I pray so. We need it very much. Two cities in Texas have actually ran out of water. We continue to do our share to conserve but I admit I'm still taking showers daily (quick ones). Any water that can be used again we try to recycle. For instance if we are washing our hands in the kitchen sink I will have a pan under to catch the water.

I am missing my two children, Josh and Annette. They have been keeping busy in California, visiting my sister, cousins, their great grandma, church family and of course they are staying with Lupe's parents and visiting their Auntie and Uncle and six cousins. All but one of Lupe's sister live out of state now. One here in Texas with us and another in Arizona.

As for school last night I did math and phonics with Lance.
Brent, writing a verse in his Alert Cadet book.

Brent, asking his dad a question.

Today on the Homeschool front; Ethan, completed two Delightful Reading lessons, copied Barber, barber, shave a pig how many hairs make a wig? from Simply Spelling, completed week 3 of Writing with Ease.
Here is a sample of his copywork from WWE.

Brent and Caleb, copied a passage from Simply Spelling and I had hoped to get in a Writing With Ease lesson but it hasn't happened yet.
Lance, completed a few lessons of math.

Today we continued to listen to The Long Winter. After a half hour of listening I read a book on worms.
Then had the children draw a picture.
Caleb, didn't follow my instructions. I told the children to use copy paper. Caleb, used notebook paper.
This next picture has a gross story to go with it. If you see a little speck, it's a booger. I know really gross. I asked Lance, how did that get on there. He said he didn't know. Now how does a booger come out of your nose without one knowing is beyond me. I think he lied. How sad.
During quiet time he was not allowed to listen with the rest of the boys to an audio book. Instead he is on his bed, in his bedroom all by himself. Sorry, to gross you out but that's what happens when you have a house full of boys.

Here are some coloring pages by Ethan.

Summer School

Thank the Lord, my headache is 99% gone. I was able to get more school in.

Ethan, completed a Delightful Reading lesson 8. Tomorrow will start lesson 1 'The Dogs and the Fox' and Writing with Ease 1 week 3.
Caleb, completed map work, Writing with Ease 2 week 9 and a Math U See Delta lesson.
Brent, completed the same as Caleb except his math was Math-Whizz.
Lance, went over his letter sounds and reviewed place value {up to 20}.
We all listened to an hour of The Long Winter by Laura Wilder.

Ethan's Writing with Ease copywork.

I'm still fumbling with how to schedule things. Here is what I have to schedule hopefully they each will be about 30 minute sessions:
Shurley Grammar-Brent and Caleb
Writing assignments-Caleb and Brent using Classical Writing.
Writing Assignments-Ethan, either Writing with Ease or PAL/Writing
Phonics lesson-Lance, PAL/Phonics
Reading lesson-Ethan, Delightful Reading/WinterPromise
Prepared Dictation- All students (hopefully this will take 10 minutes of mom time)
Latin-Two sessions one with Lance and Ethan and another with the four older kids
Bible-4 younger students
Writing-Josh and Annette this will mainly be to teach outlining. I would like to continue narrations with them.

I still need to fit in a little time with Annette and Josh. Also Annette and Caleb who will use Math-U-See Epsilon and may need help figuring things out. I really dislike to have them watch the video and do the work all by themselves but it has to be done. I'll try to watch some of the lessons on the weekend.