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Bob Jones

I checked my Bob Jones order and I'm excited to report that it's on its way. Yahoo! It's in Dallas right now. Maybe it will be here tomorrow. At least some of it. Two boxes where mailed on the 29 and the other two mailed the 30th (today). Josh will be so excited. He keeps asking when school will start. He  really misses his scheduled days.

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  1. Hi Linda,

    We use BJU too. We love their Distance Learning classes. My boys are doing K5 and 6th. The K5 boy is doing the hard drive and my 6th grader is doing the online version. BJU is really good about their shipping so it should be there soon. There is a yahoo group for BJU users that I love. Feel free to join us if you want to chat with other BJU users. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bjuphomesc/



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