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I have so much catching up to do with regards to blogging. So many pictures but not enough time. The last three weeks have been busy. The children are home from California. My MIL stayed a whole 7 days and that was a treat! The children love how she takes them to Hobby Lobby and other places. Then I was sick for a good seven days. I still have some left over symptoms {coughing and yucky stuff}.
My mother-in-law had Bible Study with the children daily.
 She would make something like an outline to study the verse.

 Sears had a big back-to-school sale and it was the weekend of no tax. I found some matching pjs that the children really needed.

 Our first and only Cantaloupe. It looks like an eyeball. It was too small and went bad pretty quick, so we were not able to eat it. This was our first time planting watermelon and cantaloupe. The watermelon never produced either.
 Saying good-bye to Grandma. The kiddos really enjoy having her here.
There is one of my children missing, who is it? One child that is not mine, can you find him/her?

 Annette, ripping a box.
 Ethan and Lance, playing Time4Learning.
 Annette and Brent playing tic-tac-toe with their feet.
So much has happened that I wish I would have journaled a little bit. At least a sentence a day or something but I didn't. I love writing our memories down. It's so fun to read them a year or so later. Things that would have been forgotten are not.
My next post will most likely be about schooling. So many thoughts and ideas.
I did finally get to order most of our stuff. I put orders in at Christianbook.com, Winterpromise.com, AnalyticalGrammar.com, ExcellenceinWriting, and Bob Jones.
There are a few Nature Studies that I would still like to get and I'm still up-in-the air about history for Brent and Caleb (remember six months ago when I was so sure....) but for the most part (as soon as WP and BJ stuff comes) I can start planning.


  1. Oh how blessed you are Linda to have a Christian mother in law! You can see that she raised a godly son and the legacy continues! That is beautiful to me and exactly what I want for my girls!

    I love the pics of the boys in p.j.'s, so precious!

    Can't wait to read about your final plans! :)

  2. Yes, I agree with Dee - what a blessing that your MIL could lead your kids through Bible study! My MIL is a great lady, but she is not saved and so I'd never be able to trust her in that with my kids. She totally supports our homeschool efforts, and she has helped in other ways when she's here...but I'd love to have the spiritual support, too. :^)


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