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I'm debating whether I should make me a cup of instant decaf coffee. It's a little late but is sure sounds good. Okay, I talked myself into a cup..

Let me see, what things should I write about today. I had a orthodontist appointment, so my mouth is sore. They really tightened up those wires. I actually felt it went they did this. Normally I don't feel it right away. 
Since my mouth hurts, for lunch I had a twice baked potato. For supper Lupe, brought me some Wonton Soup from Ming Moon. He was so kind to buy me an eggroll too. I had to soak it in my soup though. It actually was quite tasty that way.

The children and I lounged today. I read a book and the kiddos listened to some audio books. We did some light cleaning but mostly read or listened to books.

I do try to get some school in most days but the great thing about summer is we can take it easy. It's a much needed rest from our school year. It's a time for me to get some extra reading in and the children to sleep in, make forts, or just listen to an audio book. Once school starts time will be limited.

Summer School hasn't exactly gone as planned. Josh and Annette, have taken a five week vacation. My kiddos have never taken five whole weeks off of school before. Like I mentioned we may school light during the summer but we are doing something.

Two weeks they took off when the grandparents and auntie/uncle were her. Then three weeks in California. Then this week too. Grandma, is flying back with them and will stay for a week.

I am bummed that Josh, wasn't able to continue his math during the summer, but at the same time I wonder if a break like this will do him good. My poor guy is always getting math shoved down his throat by his mama (who loves him very much).

I still haven't ordered all my school stuff. I'm not sure when we will officially start but I plan to continue with what we are doing until we can. I'll continue to concentrate on copywork, prepared dictation and narrations. Tomorrow I'll try to get Ethan, back on schedule with Teaching Textbooks Math 3.

Well, that's my babbling for today.

In Christ,


  1. Linda, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Praying for your mouth to heal quickly in Jesus' name!

    Don't worry about the break...they are so dedicated during the year, they will do fine...you'll see! The trip is a learning experience in itself.


  2. Five weeks, you are so brave! Three without them, you have my compassion!! And by the looks of the pictures in your previous post they have grown up quiet a bit ; )

  3. Oh, I just read your directions on "Post a Comment". I've been trying to comment using my Google id, but it would never work for me. Guess it's good to read directions:) Your two oldest look so grown up now! I remember those orthodontic days, not fun. I kept a bottle of Ibuprofen with me, and when I was really desperate, I'd run my mouth under the cold water facet, lol. It helped numb my mouth temporarily.

  4. I hope that you are feeling better. Five weeks is a nice summer break. I know that you have worked really hard and deserved it.

  5. We had a most bizarre summer, too - totally different than what I'd planned. And the start to our new term has been odd as well: we've started but not fully because we've had guests in and out (with more of the same expected the end of next week into the last week of the month). So...even though I say we started our new term on August 1, it won't really start until after Labor Day!

  6. Praying that you are feeling better! I've been worried since you haven't posted in a while.