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Date Night

Lupe and I really enjoy our date nights together. My dad watches the children for us. When we returned home Grandpa was talking with the kiddos. When I called earlier they were playing a game. They also watched Legend of the Guardians.

While on our way home from watching Captain America, Lupe and I called my sister in California to see how Josh and Annette were doing. Of course they were having fun. Bobby was cooking (BBQ). They were making hamburgers and later were going to make Smores. They are spending the night at my sister's house and will attend church with her tomorrow.

Lupe and I went to a new place to eat on our date. It was a burger joint by the lake. I had the Blue Cheese Burger and Lupe and the Chile Burger. They were very tasty. We then walked to the theatre to enjoy the show. Captain America was pretty good. It's something I'll let the children watch. I like how the young lad in the movie never gave up and was chosen for his character. That is all I will write about the movie. Don't want to spoil it for any of you.

Earlier today, Lupe took Caleb and Brent with him to the apartments. They helped him clean the filters from the air conditioners. Lupe, said the kids do well and work hard.

While they were there the truck had a flat, they had someone change it for $5.00. My Sweets was shocked at the price. I was thankful that my hubby didn't have to change it. He was busy enough working in the heat.

Here at home I had Ethan and Lance. Lance, cleaned his room and vacuumed. It's amazing how clean he can get his room and all by himself when there is a movie involved. I told him if is room is not clean he will not be able to watch the movie tonight with Grandpa. Lance, is a hard worker once he gets working. Especially with helping his dad. He loves to work beside Lupe.

Ethan, helped clean the kitchen and living room. He also played on the computer for a while. Too long actually. I let him play longer than normal because I was playing Monopoly with Lance.

Lastly I wanted to blog about blogging. I really enjoy blogging but have often wondered if I should stop. I think about the time it takes to blog. Then I look back at an old post and am so thankful that I haven't given it up. There are so many memories that would have been forgotten.

I'll read an entry from just a year ago and wouldn't have remembered when Lance, helped cut the olives or asking if snails have tongues. Blogging is in a way my virtual scrapbook.

Yesterday I was reading entries (on my private blog) from 2006. Many memories. My other blog is private because I don't want so many blogs.  I use to use homeschoolblogger but switched here. I tried to transfer my entries from  2006-2009 but couldn't figure it out. It's fine though because I liked having a fresh start here.

One thing about reading my past post, is I see that we did accomplish a lot. Often I feel like we are not doing enough. I was reading a blog post of Annette's 2nd grade year I think it was and she was using Rod and Staff Phonics, doing copywork, and using Right Start Math. I had fun reading about all the chaos that comes with having two toddlers. Josh was in 4th, Annette 2, Caleb 1st, Brent K, Ethan 3 and Lance 2. Oh, those were the days.


  1. My husband took the kids to see Captain America. I stayed home for some alone time. :) I kept Josh home, though. There were some scenes I read about in the Christian Review site that I thought might be too strong for him with the PG13 rating. My other kids and husband enjoyed it, though and said it was very well done.

    My eldest thought Joshua could have handled it, but Josh has been very sensitive lately when it comes to violence and bad dreams so I'll have to watch it first to see if I think he can handle it.

    I was reading up some of my old entries the other day and laughing. You are right, there are so many things we would forget had they not been written down or stored somewhere. Blogging is a great release in so many ways. :)

  2. Dee, this is why Lupe and I went to see it first. I liked that it had no bad language and no bloody yucky scenes. I kind of compare it to Star Wars. Now, I won't let my children watch The Transformers or Iron Man because of the lady scenes. But of course watch it before you let Josh, so you feel comfortable and are sure there is nothing there that will cause bad dreams. There are so many movies that Lupe and I watch first.