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Delightful Reading

When Delightful Reading first came out earlier this year I thought, 'Hmm, this would be great for Ethan, to get him reading and apply what he learned from Saxon Phonics 1." but I kept thinking that I don't need another phonics program.
Every-so-often I'd go to Simply Charlotte Mason's website to look at Delightful Reading and think upon it some more. Again, I thought, nope, I don't need it but at the same time I felt like maybe this is what Ethan needs.
When I found it used I still thought not to get it. I didn't even have the money to purchase it. When I went to check on it again at the used boards it was still available. Again, didn't have the funds to purchase it but I thought just maybe she'll hold it for me. It couldn't hurt to ask. I let the the seller know that I had some things for sale and was hoping they would sell soon but at the moment I don't have the money, would she be willing to hold this for me. I was happy when she said she would.
Within the week I  sold enough to purchase it from her and here we are now happily using it.

I was happy with Saxon Phonics but needed a more 'delightful' way of teaching and I figured Delightful Reading is more of a reading program then phonics (at least to me). There is some phonics sprinkled in the program. I also emphasize vowel combinations and such.

With Ethan, I will continue to use Delightful Reading and move onto WinterPromise Language Arts 1 or combine them. I'm in no hurry. We school through the summer which helps a lot!

This year, Ethan's 3rd year, I really want to solidify his reading. This is why I chose WP LA-1. Also WP LA's are some-what advanced, so I don't feel like Ethan will be 'behind'.

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