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I was so happy to find "Lift the Lid on Mummies". It's something I've been wanting to buy for a year now. When I found it at Half Price for $7.98 I was excited. I even put two books that I wanted to buy back, to keep the cost down.
I thought I had found an untouched one because the sticker was undamaged. Although my picture shows it ripped because I opened it to see inside (and to think I was going to save it and not open it until we came across this in our studies)
 Once I opened it my smile faded as I looked and saw that the mummy had already been wrapped and all the pieces were gone!!!
 Not even the booklet was left. The sticker I found that was untouched on the outside was actually to seal the 'tomb'.
Why would anyone take a used up 'Lift the Lid...." to Half Price Book making it look as if it hadn't been opened. If anything at least include all the pieces.
When I first saw this at Half Price I thought 'what if all the pieces aren't there' but because the sticker was not broken I thought it was new. I won't be buying another unless it's sealed or I can open the lid to see what is included.

Edited to add that I was able to return it for a full refund.


  1. That's awful! I would be disappointed too. Is there any way that they would refund your money? I've had lots of luck with HPB over the last year in finding books that I needed. Did you know they have an educator's discount that you can use?

  2. I would take it back. Maybe you can exhange it for the books you put back.

  3. (((Hugs))) I think I would try taking it back.


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