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Summer Days

I went to bed with a headache and I woke with one. Although the headache I had last night was on my right side. Today, it's on my left toward the back and all the way down to my neck. I took two Advil this morning and two more a few minutes ago but it is determined to hang on.

I did get a Delightful Reading lesson in with Ethan and that's about it. I had Brent and Caleb copy a passage from Simply Spelling. Ethan, completed two pages from Handwriting Without Tears. Really we didn't do much more. I hope to get Writing With Ease done with Caleb, Brent and Ethan, but not sure if it will happen and Math and Phonics with Lance.
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The children and I are on the 3rd book in the series of Gregor the Overlander. Usually I try to have some laundry to do so I'm not being idle (feels funny to sit there for two hours) but today, I just sat there. I did do one load but that was about it.

I made hamburgers for lunch and we all took our food to the living room to listen to Gregor. Since we were all having a great time we had ice cream too!

This Friday, I am going to order Math-U-See Epsilon for Caleb and Annette and Gamma workbook for Brent. I can't wait to get them started with math.

Brent, will continue with Teaching Textbooks. I decided to add in  Gamma twice a week. Thankfully I own the Gamma DVD, so I will only need the student text.



  1. (((Hugs on the headache))) I know the impact of them, all too well.

    Praying for it to go away.

  2. So sorry about your headache. I hope you feel better.