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Missing Josh and Annette

I miss my two oldest kiddos something fierce but am happy they are having a great time visiting family and friends.

Here are some pictures that my sister took for me. Believe me this is only a sampling. My sister is a picture taker like me-self =)
My sister took the children to Ana-cappacino
 The famous cookie jar at my Grandma Tanny's (their great grandma)
 Our church in California. Miss my church family so much!!!
 Picture of my sister and her boyfriend with the kiddos and Grandma June.
 The children with Grandma Phyllis.

If you'd like to read more about the kiddos adventure click on the links below.


  1. They are not home yet. I thought they were returning on the 11th. Wow! It looks like they are having a great summer vacation. Makes me miss CA more...time for a visit.

  2. It was SO much fun having the kids in town. I told them they should do this every summer! Thank you for allowing them to visit; the memories will last a lifetime!! :)


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