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Not Out of the Woods Yet

I'm still trying to simplify history for Caleb and Brent. I'm still trying to decide between America the Beautiful or Story of the World. Story of the World {SOTW} seems more simple to me but I like that America the Beautiful is more Christ-centered.

I did order the Activity Guide for Story of the World. Once I receive it I'll decide which route to go. I'll also reread The Well Trained Mind's history portion. Not sure if I'll do it exactly as recommended because that seems like a lot too. I'll just start slow, listening to each chapter and using the activity guide, then branch out from there.

I know I'm not making much sense but it helps when I write.

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  1. Not to throw another wrench in the works, but have you looked at Mystery of History? It's like SOTW in style and format but it is totally Christ-centered.


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