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On the Homeschool Front.........

Nothing is happening. I think knowing that we will be starting school soon, with a full schedule has me not wanting to do anything to do with school. We did some math lessons but that's about it.
I do want to get some Writing with Ease lessons in but I don't want to either. Same with Lance and his PAL/Reading. I want to get started but I don't, so we haven't.

The children have been listening to audio books, playing Oregon Trail or Risk, reading and helping around the house.

Like I've mentioned before, this has been a weird summer. Never in our homeschooling life have any of the children taken six weeks off of school. I think we still accomplished a lot. We did get narrations and copywork started again and kept up with the basics in math.

I'm still trying to figure out how to organize our school stuff. I want our days to have a good flow. No searching for things at the last minute and wasting precious time.
I also need to figure out a schedule. I may have to rotate subjects to fit them all in. I'm so thankful for some of the dvd subjects. I know this will really help me out.

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