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Random Pictures and Happenings

Catching up with my pictures.

Playing 'Sorry' with dad.

 Lance, was making a map on the floor.
 Brent, snuggled up in his Tigger blanket that Grandma Estela made for him. You can't tell but he looks so small because his knees are up by his chest.
 Caleb, playing with his soldiers.
 Ethan, looks so peaceful. He has the blanket hanging. It's dividing his bed into a two 'bedroom' bed. He thought someone might want to spend the night and if they did, the would have their 'own' bed.

 Playing an online computer game, Risk.
 Saturday it was just me and Lance. First time in a long time that I had only one child home.
 Last night two critters found their way into our bed. Lupe and I were actually cold because the kiddos were sleeping on our blankets. The air conditioner was not too far away with it being a window unit one.
 If you look closely you will see that Lance's head is under his blanket. Ethan, is next to him.
 I don't make it to Starbucks much any more (trying to save money). My niece A gave me her cup because I like to recycle and use them to make my own drinks. Below is my ice coffee. I thought it looked so pretty. I added Half and Half.

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  1. mmm! that coffee did look good!...Especially for a triple digit day.

    I remember Sorry. Don't remember how to play though. We played Blokus last night, the game always reminds us of you all. ;)

    I think I will look at Sorry next time we go to Target.

    Have a cool day dear,


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