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Saturday Pics

Saturday pictures.

Enjoyed a cup of instant coffee.
 Played Monopoly Jr. with Lance. Monopoly takes forever (even the Jr. version), so eventually I stopped paying myself the $2.00. I also started landing on Lance's property a lot too.

 Before Brent left to help his dad he was working on creating a ship. Brent, creates some really nice space ships and ships out of cardboard and other things he finds around the house.
 Helping dad empty the tools from the back of his truck.

 Ethan fell asleep during quiet time. I thought he looked like a mummy, so I took a picture.

 I found that before he fell asleep he made a boat out of Monopoly money (stinker).

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  1. In my house we have a monopoly rule; We play for one hour and whoever has the most money and property at the end of the hour wins, if not we would be dragging on forever. ;)

    Love the sleeping pics! :)


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