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Summer Days

I'm embarrassed to say that I spent two days devouring some Amish romance stories.
 This past Sunday, Lupe, took the four kids, my dad and I to Half Price Books. I found some really great deals. Stepping Stones the book on the left with the two children holding the lamb was $1.00.
 This morning my son woke with his hair looking so cute. I had him stand in front of the wall, so his bed-head would show.
 My boys have been making Curious George boats. Below is "Ethan's Fleet". Ethan, made sure to tell me if I blogged about it to write the title.
My new favorite Half and Half.

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  1. Ooh that Vanilla half & half looks very good. I just finished a Chai Latte creamer and bought the White Chocolate Mocha one. I'd say I enjoyed the Chai as an iced coffee especially on these hot days ; )

    I'll be curious to read how you like Men of Science Men of God.


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