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Summer Days

Since it's so hot this summer, I haven't been outside nor have the children. They go out for a little bit in the morning but that's about it. Because of this I don't have too many "Summer Days" pictures that are outside.
Lance and I played a game of Monopoly before nap time. Lance, came into a lot of money, so he is all smiles.

 Last night we all went to Costco and I'm so happy to have greens in the house again. Today I made a big chicken salad for lunch. I bought Kiwi, grapes and spinach leaves too. I could do a jig I'm so excited!

As for school the three middle children (Caleb, Brent and Ethan) did Writing With Ease and penmanship. I didn't get any more school in. The children played Legos and cleaned a bit and I played Monopoly with Lance.

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