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Summer School

I have visited some of my favorite blogs and many of them are starting their new school year already. I'm so excited for them. Our new school year won't start until Sept. I don't even have all my stuff ordered yet.
Hopefully this coming week I can finish ordering Annette's school stuff. I'm still praying for funds to purchase Joshua's Bob Jones Distance Learning course. Praying for at least one laptop. I don't know how we are going to complete everything in a day with one computer but the Lord knows. I'm leaving it in His hands.
I am thankful for the sales of my homeschooling curriculum that I am no longer using. It has really helped me be able to purchase many of what we will use next year. Some extras like Song School Latin and Latin Primer. Some things we need like Shurley English, Copywork books and more.

Caleb and Brent did a little bit of Math Mammoth and completed another lesson from The Phonics Lesson.

Ethan, completed lesson three of Delightful Reading. Here he is using the letter tiles to make another sentence.

Lance, will have night school.
I still need to do Writing with Ease 1 with Ethan and Writing with Ease 2 with Caleb and Brent.

Thank you Lord for my family. For the privilege to homeschool my children. Thank you for a husband that provides and takes care of us. Thank you for a wonderful church. For a Bible believing pastor. For a wonderful church family. I am blessed in so many ways. And thank you for loving me (as Josh use to say when he was 3yrs. old). I love you Lord, amen.


  1. Wow, we must really be on the same wavelengths. We've been doing some Delightful Reading, too :) I just got it a few weeks ago.

    Where did you buy your plastic sorting tray??? I love that idea!

  2. We've been using it as well. I've been wanting to look for a similar tray. My kids love magnets, so I added magnet tape to the back of the tiles. So for my very squirmy boys...they stand and use the magnet board on the wall : )

  3. It's great to hear from others who are using it. Grace'n'Chaos, I was thinking of adding magnet tape as well. I thought it might be able to keep the tiles in one place when he is spelling the words. I have precut magnet tape laying around the house but haven't been able to find it. You all know how organized I am ;)