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Summer School

Summer school wise, I did a lot. Housework I did get some in. With our house being so small it's hard to keep the Legos under control. My kids love building big forts, ships and so forth. They don't like destroying them at the end of the day. Other times they don't want to mess up their battles that they started, so I let them keep it all out.
I need to take a picture of their work of art. They really do build some great cities.

Today Caleb and Brent completed Writing With Ease 2 and the Phonics Lessons. Ethan, completed a Writing With Ease 1 lesson and I reviewed Place Value by setting up a little town and using our 'gems'. He also completed half of lesson 4 from Delightful Reading. Lance, completed a lesson from his Living Math book (Queen Homeschool) and practiced his letter sounds. We are still using AAR but a bit more loosely because he seems to have trouble remembering the sounds.

Here is how Ethan, completed his Delightful Reading lesson today. Before I started I had him review the what he learned from yesterday.
  • I wrote the word on the board.
  • Erased it and had him use his tiles to spell it.
  • We then made new words by taking away one letter or adding blends.
  • I had him write the original word in his notebook and the new words under it.
  • I had him read from his reader
When I read the word I say it slowly the first time. For instance if the word is 'rain', I say r-ai-n. At the same time I am saying the word I point to the letter that makes that sound. As we are reading the word 'rain' I point to the 'r', then the vowel combination 'ai' and lastly 'n'.

Words like rain and tree Ethan, can read easily but I still read it to him slowly the first time. Tomorrow we will work with the words 'field'. 'on', and 'it'. Again, he can easily spell on and it but it's the word building I'm after with tomorrows lesson.

 I purchased my Delightful Reading program gently used. When it arrived it included a bonus! The previous owner had separated all the letters in the box pictured below.
 This was yesterdays copywork from Writing With Ease 1, week 1.

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  1. I need some coffee! and I thought of you :) Our schooling is going really good. While I like the concept of Delightful Reading my daughter has just grasped the full phonics and so I think I confused her with this. Plus she has learned to capitalize letters in the beginning of sentences and DR does not capitalize their letters on the reader tiles?? Does Ethan have an issue with it? I have a strong feeling that my daughter is right on that verge of everything clicking :) She sounds out EVERYTHING and is already writing many family words. I think I'm pushing too hard.