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Summer School

Thank the Lord, my headache is 99% gone. I was able to get more school in.

Ethan, completed a Delightful Reading lesson 8. Tomorrow will start lesson 1 'The Dogs and the Fox' and Writing with Ease 1 week 3.
Caleb, completed map work, Writing with Ease 2 week 9 and a Math U See Delta lesson.
Brent, completed the same as Caleb except his math was Math-Whizz.
Lance, went over his letter sounds and reviewed place value {up to 20}.
We all listened to an hour of The Long Winter by Laura Wilder.

Ethan's Writing with Ease copywork.

I'm still fumbling with how to schedule things. Here is what I have to schedule hopefully they each will be about 30 minute sessions:
Shurley Grammar-Brent and Caleb
Writing assignments-Caleb and Brent using Classical Writing.
Writing Assignments-Ethan, either Writing with Ease or PAL/Writing
Phonics lesson-Lance, PAL/Phonics
Reading lesson-Ethan, Delightful Reading/WinterPromise
Prepared Dictation- All students (hopefully this will take 10 minutes of mom time)
Latin-Two sessions one with Lance and Ethan and another with the four older kids
Bible-4 younger students
Writing-Josh and Annette this will mainly be to teach outlining. I would like to continue narrations with them.

I still need to fit in a little time with Annette and Josh. Also Annette and Caleb who will use Math-U-See Epsilon and may need help figuring things out. I really dislike to have them watch the video and do the work all by themselves but it has to be done. I'll try to watch some of the lessons on the weekend.

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