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Summer School

It looks like it might rain today. I pray so. We need it very much. Two cities in Texas have actually ran out of water. We continue to do our share to conserve but I admit I'm still taking showers daily (quick ones). Any water that can be used again we try to recycle. For instance if we are washing our hands in the kitchen sink I will have a pan under to catch the water.

I am missing my two children, Josh and Annette. They have been keeping busy in California, visiting my sister, cousins, their great grandma, church family and of course they are staying with Lupe's parents and visiting their Auntie and Uncle and six cousins. All but one of Lupe's sister live out of state now. One here in Texas with us and another in Arizona.

As for school last night I did math and phonics with Lance.
Brent, writing a verse in his Alert Cadet book.

Brent, asking his dad a question.

Today on the Homeschool front; Ethan, completed two Delightful Reading lessons, copied Barber, barber, shave a pig how many hairs make a wig? from Simply Spelling, completed week 3 of Writing with Ease.
Here is a sample of his copywork from WWE.

Brent and Caleb, copied a passage from Simply Spelling and I had hoped to get in a Writing With Ease lesson but it hasn't happened yet.
Lance, completed a few lessons of math.

Today we continued to listen to The Long Winter. After a half hour of listening I read a book on worms.
Then had the children draw a picture.
Caleb, didn't follow my instructions. I told the children to use copy paper. Caleb, used notebook paper.
This next picture has a gross story to go with it. If you see a little speck, it's a booger. I know really gross. I asked Lance, how did that get on there. He said he didn't know. Now how does a booger come out of your nose without one knowing is beyond me. I think he lied. How sad.
During quiet time he was not allowed to listen with the rest of the boys to an audio book. Instead he is on his bed, in his bedroom all by himself. Sorry, to gross you out but that's what happens when you have a house full of boys.

Here are some coloring pages by Ethan.


  1. I have been so busy with Annette and Josh. It's been really fun having them here...wish they could stay longer (hint, hint) ;)

    Plus Bobby's mom is in town so I've been extra busy. I haven't been able to keep up my blog with all the activity that is going on.

    LOL, your Lance story made me laugh...and yes, it grossed me out a little, but that's okay. :)

  2. Brent has such neat handwriting! Eww on the booger...LOL! ;)

  3. Hi Lou,
    Ethan is coloring really nice. He is the one who paid attention to detail right? Tell him nice job.

    Yes, eww a booger. But I know how that goes with my ONE boy. lol! No boogers on his work...yet. But I catch him once in a while w/his finger too close to the nose. lol!

    I was thinking today that you probably miss Annette and Josh. They are going to have SO much to share when they get back...coffee time. ;)


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