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Summer School/Days

It's been a pretty relaxing day. We did the normal chores. The children continue to build forts with their legos and Lincoln Logs. Having battles with their toy soldiers. They watched two episodes of Liberty Kids.

As I was going to start pulling one child a side to do a lesson, they had already started a Monopoly game.
They looked so happy playing that I decided to let them continue and we'd fit a few lessons in later. This is what I like about summer school. If it doesn't get done I'm not stressed about it.

Then later I was going to get Ethan, so we could do a Delightful Reading lesson. When I  looked out my bedroom window to see what he was doing outside, I saw him visiting with Grandpa Joe.
I had Caleb, sneak outside to get a picture. Of course they saw him and Ethan, made a goofy face.
There was no way I was going to interrupt a grandpa/grandson moment so no reading done.

Later about 1:00 p.m. I did snag Ethan, and he completed lesson 5 of Delightful Reading. No copywork or Writing with Ease today.

With Caleb and Brent, we did two trial runs with America the Beautiful. Monday I read the first chapter and they completed their map and Bible work.
Friday (today) I read the second chapter. Instead of doing the map work, I had the children get out their notebooks and turn to the history section. I then had us discuss who lived on the Northwest Coast. I wrote the Northwest Coast natives on the board and had them copy it into their notebook. We then wrote what they ate, what they used to make clothes and what their homes were made of.
I didn't have them write in complete sentences. We were more stating facts in  a sort of outlinish way. I say 'outlinish' way because it wasn't exactly an outline.
Monday, if we get to it, I'll have them do the map study.
Below, Lance is putting the numbers 1-19 in order.
He reviewed place value, using the chart that is included with the program and our 'gems'.
 The only thing I do not like about Math Lessons for a Living Education by Queen Homeschool is the number font. The child is to copy the numbers but because of the font it makes writing the numbers 4 and 9 hard. I usually write a four and nine above the one in the book. Other than that Lance and I are enjoying the program.

I had a little money in my paypal account. I have been going back-and-forth with what to get. I wanted to order a Picture Study Portfolio from Simply Charlotte Mason and since it would be considered an extra I have been putting it off. All week I kept putting it in my cart but not hitting the submit button. I didn't want to pay shipping for one item.
I want to switch our spelling to prepared dictation. I also added two levels of Spelling Wisdom. Great I thought. I have an order. Then I decided to use Simply Spelling instead. Although happy with my spelling choice it left me unable to order from SCM. There were a few books that I have been wanting for years, Letters From Egypt and Jashub's Journal: An Old Testament Law Story, so I put those in the cart and hit the submit button. Now I can't wait for them to be delivered to my door.
I feel a little guilty because I bought things I wanted instead of needed. I do want to start having Picture Study time though and the books will be a great addition to our ever growing library.

Here is the rest of my SCM wish list:
My Book of Centuries
Discovering Doctrine: A Personal Bible Study
Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing (will be on my next order)
Life in the Word
106 Days of Creation
Your Business Math Series (will order next)

A blogging friend has been so kind to lend me her Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing book, so I put off ordering it this time around.

We are suppose to have rolling blackouts today.

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  1. So nice to read your blog again! Miss the "coffee time"


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