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Wednesday (not very good with titles)

Checked on the status of my Bob Jones curriculum and it's on its way but won't be here for another day or two. So close, yet so far.

Yesterday, Lupe took the children swiming at a friends house. Here is Brent, ready to go.
 The children had so much fun!!! They came home hungry, tired and excited. Ethan, is a little dare-devil and kept going in the deep end. Thankfully he had his little floaties, although he disobeyed. He was suppose to stay in the 3-4ft. I had a talk with him and told him he needed to apologize to his father. Lupe, had his 'man-to-man' talk with him. I didn't allow him to have a Twinkie either. No treats when you don't obey.
Below, the children are playing with Geo Safari. A friend from our previous church gave this to us two years ago. Her mother bought it for her children but her children were beyond the age for it. She saved it for her grand-children but they don't really use it, so she gave it to us. She still had many of the card for different subjects. From phonics to science. Lots of neat learning.

 I have been purging plastic containers. For the past several years I have slowly been getting rid of any Tupperware that I don't use regularly. Now I'm down to very little but still find lids and containers that I can do without.
Now, instead of purchasing containers we eat at a Ming Moon when we are getting low. My husband has been bringing me soup home and they come in these nice reusable plastic containers (see below).
Last night I put our taco left overs in them. They are so perfect. They store nicely too! The lids are all the same size. No more hunting down lids and containers.

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