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Nature Studies for the Month of September

This is my 9th year of homeschooling and we FINALLY started a nature study. It's something that I've wanted to do for years but it never happened.

I didn't purchase any really neat nature journals. I'm using what we have at home. I found some left over "Creative Math" notebooks from last school year. Maybe next year I can invest in something nicer but for now these will do.

I would like to purchase book specifically about Texas trees, flowers and animal, so if you all have a suggestion please let me know. The children have found a really nice mushroom, some flowers, leaves and such but we don't know what the names are. I wasn't taught all this fun stuff in school. It's not like the old days when students learned how to identify plants, trees etc. I have an older friend who can identify many plants because she was taught back in the days.

I'm so happy the children are excited about their nature journals. Below, Caleb found the mushroom growing in the hollow of a tree we have in the backyard. He found it two days ago and has been watching it, taking pictures daily and measuring it. Annette, sketched it as well.

 Every year these flowers bloom. The same three in the same spot. I pointed them out to Caleb and he took a picture.
 Ethan, found this plant (I think it's some kind of fern) behind the back house.
 He took a close up picture.
 Annette, found this one and sketched it and rubbed it (what is it called when you put the plant under the paper and rub the pencil on top of the paper to get the image?)
 Ethan, doesn't have a nature journal yet but he is Nature Boy. He asked to take my camera to take pictures of nature. I told him he can only take three pictures otherwise he'd use up all the memory in the camera. I think giving him a limit of three photos helps with narrowing down what is most important for him. If I don't he takes too many pictures.
Picture 1
 Here is his 2nd picture.
 And the 3rd.

With Ethan and Lance I also read A Desert Scrapbook. We are only half way through the book. Hopefully over the weekend I can finish it.
 The children have been checking out lots of animal books.
 Okay, I know The Shattering isn't part of our nature study but it had an owl and I was recording what Annette, checked out from the library that day.

We also watched and read about a little Polar Bear by the name of Knut.

Day 17/Nature

Busy school day. I didn't get done teaching until 2:20p.m. Normally I stop everything at 2:00 because it's quiet time, but since Josh, was using the computer to finish a subject I decided to get a few more lessons in as well. I don't think Lance minded one bit considering his lesson was about adding and I used M&M with peanuts to show simple addition.

Josh, watching a math lesson.
 Caleb and Brent, during a Shurley Grammar session.

We listened to this book during lunch and discussed how we can make the world more beautiful.

Today for Latin, Josh, Annette, Caleb, Brent and I studied lesson 3. I haven't had time to study our Latin words during the weekends or evening. The only time I am studying them is during our 30 minute sessions. We will continue with lesson 3 next week as well.

Lance, Ethan and I also did Latin. We are learning how to ask a person their name as well as give ours.

I had Bible time with the four younger children. They copied a verse into their notebooks and Lance drew a picture of the story.

Ethan, did a review lesson from Delightful Reading and has started WinterPromise LA-1. He completed two pages from his phonics workbook. Yesterday he read one paragraph from his Write-In-Reader. With WP LA we are going to start slow and most likely take two weeks to finish one week because he will continue with Delightful Reading.

Lance, completed a lesson from PAL/Writing and a one from PAL/Reading as well as a math lesson.

Caleb and Brent are doing well with their independent studies. I did have a math lesson with Brent today to review some things.

Joshua, continues to get use to Bob Jones Distance Learning. He loves Systematic Math.

Annette, is happy with her studies. I do wish I had more time to sit with her for Bible and history.

The children are enjoying God's creation more via nature lessons from Queen Homeschool's Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie. They now have a nature notebook to draw what they see and yesterday Caleb found a mushroom.
He noticed that it has grown since yesterday, so I encouraged him to take a ruler outside and measure it. Annette, even drew a picture of it {happy dance}. Caleb, put the date he discovered it and how tall it is. I'm going to print pictures for the children to tape in their notebooks.

Well, that's it for today. I got a late start with blogging at 3:30 p.m.

Happy Birthday Caleb

During our lunch hour we sang 'Happy Birthday' to Caleb.

Kinds Having Fun

I guess we can all this recess time.

Day 16 and a Birthday!

My Lance, impressed me with how neat he made his letters today.
 I dictated all the letter sounds to him. He has almost all the letter sounds memorized now. The letters that he hasn't memorized are l, r, y and v. The letter stories have really helped him with learning the letter sounds.
 Today, when dictating the letters, I did mention the stories with some but as time goes on I'll dictate without them.
Below Lance, is coloring the bear brown and the bird blue. His two new words that he learned 'blue' and 'brown'. I also introduced the 'ow' and 'ue' sounds. We placed the stickers in the appropriate places in the Phonetic Farm.

 Lance, also completed his second week of Writing With Ease 1. Below is his narration. After I read the passage I'll ask what is one thing he remembered from it.
 Since Lance, is still learning to form letters and had a hard time last week with copying the passage from Writing with Ease, I am skipping the copywork. Instead of going over the grammar that would have been discussed from the WWE copywork we are using the narration. PAL/Writing schedules in a story and narration but we are to choose the stories. This is why I added in Writing with Ease. I use the stories from WWE. Some days I have him give me a narration Susan Wise Bauer style and other days I'll have him give a narration the way PAL/Writing instructs. PAL/Writing has me draw out the character, setting, plot etc. to prepare for outlining toward the end of the program. I like both styles of narrating. I believe they both have their purpose and hope to continue to combine PAL/Writing and Writing with Ease.

Annette, took her school work outside. It was a pretty day.

It was my dad's birthday today, so we interrupted our regular schedule to wish him a happy birthday.
I purchased him a cup that looks like a cup that one would receive at a coffee shop when ordering a hot beverage {like a mocha}.
From all of us we gave him a coffee maker that fits the cup.
Annette decorated the grocery bag. I think it came out pretty.
Lance, gave him a hat but Grandpa's head was a wee bit big.
Ethan, gave him one of his favorite stuffed animals. The children don't have a lot of stuffed animals so the ones they do have are pretty special. I thought it was nice of Ethan, to give his moose away.
Caleb, Annette and Josh made him a card.

That was our 16th day of school!

The Birthday

Yesterday I was in a hurry to get my blog post up because I was busy with Lupe's birthday party. I had planned to have a little surprise party, just us.

Lupe, wasn't expecting anything, so I thought I would surprise him with a homemade birthday cake.

 Annette, worked hard on the birthday banner.....
 and card. She did a great job.
The kids and I were going to yell, 'Surprise, happy birthday!'  when Lupe walked in the kitchen.
I had planned a simple meal so we'd have room for some birthday fun.
We were going to sing happy birthday. I was going to get a picture of the children around Lupe, with his cake and candles lit. I had planned an evening to ourselves on this special day.

I was disappointed that it didn't happen. Oh well, we always have next year!

He had a birthday party, just not the one I planned.

Day 15

I'm going to have to make this a short to the point post. I'm in a hurry to get some things done and am running out of time.

Another great day but boy and I tuckered. I did take a blogging friends advice {thanks Dee} and am adding a protein snack in the mid morning. I made a delicious Chicken Salad with lots of grapes, cranberries, pecans, almonds and of course chicken. I would eat it over a bed of spinach but I don't have any.

I started the morning off with Bible. Lance really likes Bible time. He loves learning new things about the Lord. Caleb and Brent, write in their Tracking Your Walk a verse, prayer or thought. Lance, draws a picture about what we read and Ethan, copies a verse.
 Lance, made a picture of God's glory. You can't really see it.
 After Bible, I had a Latin session first with the four older kids and another with the two younger.
 Lance, completed a page in his Song School Latin book. I didn't realize at the time but he was misspelling Salve. He wrote sale. I'm glad he doesn't mind the writing and his writing is improving. At first I thought he was going to have to do this all orally {which would be fine but I'm happy he is writing in the book}. Again, he is surprising his mama!
 Ethan's page. They both have learning Latin.
 Lance, highlighting the 'er' sound. He completed lesson 3 of PAL/Reading.
 Here he is playing "Letter Parking Lot" he parks the vowels in their parking spot, same with the consonant and the letter 'Y' gets VIP parking.
 Going over the the sounds he has been introduced to. {er, ck, ee, ow}
 His new words for today was 'this, is, a'. We made strips that say 'this is a stove or this is a sink' and taped them the sink or stove. I made one that said 'This is Lance'.
Ethan, working on a Delightful Reading lesson.
 We played around with the words below. First he would build the word, take the first letter or blend away and say the sound that was left. He then built new words.
 Josh, working on his Systematic Math. This is one of his favorite subjects and he really enjoys his math teacher ;)
 Annette's birthday was last Friday {more to come about her B-day} Her Auntie V. bought her a cake just for her. She has been sick and saved her cake. Today she finally ate some of it. She let me have a slice too!
 Annette's spiderweb. Friday, she had her sewing class, Saturday she was sick, Sunday was her birthday party, Monday we were really busy, so today she was finally able to finish it.
14 days down, 165 to go!!!