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Anette School

Annette, is my 11 almost 12 year old, 6th grade daughter. Annette, loves to read. She has piles of books on her bed. I constantly have to remind her to PUT THEM AWAY! If she doesn't the covers become creased.

Last Saturday, Annette told me how glad she was that school started. She was actually asking if we could do school! What she really likes about school is the structure. She mentioned that she knows what to expect through the day. Another reason is her mind is working. She knows when she is studying one of her subjects, her mind is working.

One of the subjects that she likes is grammar and writing. This year she is using WinterPromise Language Arts 6. We both love that WP uses themes to catch the child's attention. The theme for grade 6 LA is space and aliens. She has missions to complete. This week with writing her 'Cadet Training' is about improving sentence structure.
One of her missions was to rewrite a paragraph correcting errors and adding her own details to make it more exciting. Here is what Annette, wrote:

Every evening when Mike got into his nice, warm bed he saw a big, scary, spider's shadow on his neat blue blanket. He would search every nook and cranny for that scary spider who owned that shadow, but he could not seem to find it. One bright morning, sitting on Mike's chest was an ugly, black, spider. The ugly, hairy, black, spider started walking toward him shocked, panic stricken face! Heh jumped to his feet and gave a loud scream.

The original paragraph used the word 'Mike' way too many times, had run on sentences and was boring.

Annette, added some adjectives, used pronouns and made the the paragraph very interesting. Maybe a little too interesting .

Well, my time is up. The children are awake and need help with their AWANA verses. I wanted to write a little about the grammar portion but I'll have to come back later.

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