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Annette's 2011/2012 6th Grade Curricula

Bible: Foundations in Romans by Simply Charlotte Mason.

For language Arts Annette, will use WinterPromise LA-6 and only the grammar portion of WP LA-4. This includes:
Spelling and Vocabulary.

 Creative writing. She will meet aliens and humans who will teach her to use great word choices, fantastic sentence structure, and how to communicate clearly.
 And grammar. Each week she will rewrite a passage, she will then answer questions about the passage, read grammar concepts and she will have to construct new sentences or come up with new or original word choices.
WinterPromise grammar workbooks B, C and D .
(Annette, did finish this series)
And literature. She will read:Children of the Longhouse; Almost Home; Songbird; Guns for Gen. Washington; Pirate Patriot: John P. Jones; Little House in the Big Woods; Soft Rain; Who Was Mark Twain?; The Giant Rat of Sumatra (she did read all the books)

Because this year I am having Annette, focus on Grammar, she will also take an 11 week Analytical Grammar course via dvds.

Penmanship-Classically Cursive Book 1. I am having her review cursive letters with this book. She still writes only in print. Last year, she started writing some in cursive but stopped.

I am trying to fit in Writing with Ease at least a few times a week.

For math Annette, is using Math-U-See Epsilon and Zeta.

My goal with Annette, is to get her ready for Bob Jones 7 next year. I would like for her to continue with Math-U-See but it looks like we might go the Bob Jones route using the DVDs. If it works out once our children hit Jr. High they will switch to Bob Jones.

History-America the Beautiful.
America the Beautiful Literature.

Science-A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie.
I would like to add in parts of Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day but not sure if it's really doable or not. I would like us to at least read it and maybe outline from it once a week. I'll have to come back and edit later during the year to let you all know if it happened.

Latin: Latin Primer A.


 Edited to add that by January, we did drop WinterPromise Language Arts. We saw no need to for to continue because it was being covered with using AG, Writing with Ease, Writing with Skill and Write with World.
For writing Annette, started with a combo of WinterPromise and Writing with Ease 3. Once Writing with Skill became available, she dropped Writing with Ease and WinterPromise. The last 10 weeks of school she used a writing program that I reviewed and decided to continue with it, Write with World.

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