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Bob Jones

Sunday evening is when I get ready for Monday morning. I write out all the schedules.

I thought I'd start with Joshua's because his takes longest. With Bob Jones Distance Learning via DVDs I have things to print {sometimes from two cds}, read over the material and watch the 'Teacher Tips'.

So far, I've spent an hour with just his Grammar. My goodness!!!! I still have his other subjects to get ready + five more schedules. I'm so frustrated right now!!!!!

Josh will take a test on Friday for this subject. When I went to print the test that is included {it's not the Bob Jones test but ones created by his teacher} it's not printing right + I can't find the answers. After spending so much time switching from watching the Teacher Tips DVD to Teacher Material cd to Support Materials I decided to just purchase the test created by Bob Jones because I just want them in print!

I decided to go to CBD to purchase the test. Since he needs to take the test on Friday, I did something I haven't done before. I paid extra for faster shipping. In my haste I forgot to go to my sisters site to hit her affiliate link too. Oh well, sorry sis. Next time I won't be so frustrated and I'll take the time.

I'm happy that I will NO LONGER have to print and look for the test. One less thing for me.

Okay, my big rant is over. I need to get back to my schedules. I'll be happy if I can get to bed by midnight.


  1. I have paid extra for shipping, just for the convenience. We do what we have to do sometimes! Sorry you were so frustrated :(

  2. Oh Lou, sorry about your frustration. :( Hopefully you got to bed on time.


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