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Boxes All Arrived Safe and Sound

The last two boxes arrived. I'm overwhelmed to say the least! I'm excited too but there are lots of books piled on my table right now. I need to 'meet' the teachers. Each course has an introduction for mom/dad.
I have lots of stuff to print and organize as well.

I like that the Grammar course, doesn't really get into writing right away. This will give me more time to practice outlining and summarizing with Josh. The Literature course is saved for second semester which I'm glad about too because the child will write essays. This too gives me more time to spend on copywork and such.

The math program we may save it for Annette, next year because Josh will use another program. Next year it will be perfect for Annette, if we can get through Epsilon and Zeta this year using Math-U-See.
Speaking of Annette, here is a picture of my sweetie {Had to take a pic with her hair a bit out of control}

If all goes well, we might have Annette, use Bob Jones next year because we can rent the DVDs for around $400.00. I do hope Annette, will get to use My Father's World for high school but because we'll have all the material we might end up continuing with BJ for and the rest of the kiddos. But that's a long way off.

On the homefront, I wanted to take the children out for some Root-beer floats but my SIL needed the van, so we weren't able to. I was disappointed because we don't leave the house very often during the week. Maybe tomorrow we can go.

I was a little bit short with the children today. I think part of it was I was disappointed that my day was not going as I had planned. I tried to change my attitude when I would notice my voice not sounding so nice. I also think part of my being short tempered today was me being hungry. I had a light breakfast.

Well, off to print some school material {praying my ink will last}.

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