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Caleb 5th Grade

Edited to add that the crossed out items where used for the first half of the school year. You can read more about this at the bottom of the post. I didn't want to delete them because Caleb did use them for five months.
Brent, used the same programs listed here with the exception of math.

This year with Caleb, I'm focusing a lot on Language Arts. Particularly with copywork, narration, dictation and outlining. For this we are using a variety of resources.
Simply Spelling or what we call Spelling Dictation. This is done daily. The child copies the passage Monday-Thursday and Friday I dictate the passage to him. I think I'll have him copy the passage only 3x a week.
Three times a week he will copy a passage from Copywork for Little Boys.
For Writing I will alternate between Writing with Ease and Writing with History: Early Modern Times.

For math he is using Math-U-See. The plan is to finish Delta and start Epsilon. At the end of last year Caleb was having trouble with long division, so I thought it best to start with Delta because its main focus in division. As of today {our third week of school} he is about half way through Delta.

If he finishes math before his 40 minutes are up he then chooses from Math Whizz, Timez Attack or Math Rider.

Shurley English-for grammar only. We are skipping the writing portion.
 Penmanship-Classically Cursive, except he is using Book 2.

History-Hideaways in History from WinterPromise.

Art, I Can Do All Things. I hope to have the children finish this in about a year and a half. It is a three year program but since my children are older, I would like for them to complete it sooner and start God and the History of Art.
 Latin, yay, we are finally starting this with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent. They are all pretty excited.
 Logic Safari will be scheduled on Fridays.
 Bible is a combination of Tracking Your Walk, Leading Little Ones to God and AWANA.

Science-A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie. I thought this would be a good fit for us. It looks really enjoyable and something that will get done.

All About Spelling level 1 and 2 so far.

Caleb, completed levels 1 and 2 by 1/12. He started level 3 in February.
 {will be back later to add links and anything I forgot}

To read about what a week of assignments looks like for Caleb, click here.

Edited, 2/16/12 to update.

January I changed things up. Caleb, started using Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota took the place of our Bible, Science, Language Arts above (except All About Spelling, he is still using it) and it took the place of WinterPromise history.

I really liked everything we were using but I wanted more of Christ in our studies. I was truly pleased with using Simply Spelling, Writing with Ease and Copywork for Boys, Taking A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie, as well as Hideaways in History. Because of this, switching was not taken lightly. What I didn't like was our current Bible Study. Using Tracking Your Walk and Leading Little Ones to God. I also missed using curricula that gave God the glory. I didn't like how Christ was not weaved into all our subjects. In the past with my two older ones we used Sonlight and a lot of Rod and Staff. Both centered around Christ. I missed that with my younger children.
With using Heart of Dakota, I feel more at peace with our studies. We read our Bibles together. The children copy verses that relate to their science topic and most importantly it's Christ-centered. Everything points to God.


This post will be updated throughout the school year with read alouds, books they are reading or anything that has been added.


  1. Your LA looks great this year! I'm curious to see how Bob Jones DVDs go once you get in the groove. I keep getting tempted to use these to save me time - but if it takes me more time to prepare, it wouldn't be worth it.

  2. I'm going to show this post to my Josh and show him how much your little boys write. ;)

    Great job! Love all the pics!


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