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Catching Up With Ethan

Last week, Ethan lost another tooth. His bottom, right side tooth. The one that's next to the two middle ones he lost a while back. I think they are called, side incisors.
When Grandma Estela was visiting, one night Ethan, came to our bed. In the morning we both were talking and I asked him why he came to our bed. He said he had a nightmare. Of course I asked about it and here is what he said,
"I dreamed that Lance, was turned into a Watermelon. Someone cut him up and was eating him and I saved a piece of him"

Poor Ethan, his eye's grew larger when he told me they cut the Watermelon up.
Four days ago, Ethan came in with a cicada in his hands. His face was troubled as he said, "It cold mom. I found him outside and he is cold", so I found our bug house.

I was surprised because it's so late in the summer for a Cicada to still be alive. I thought they had all died {I miss hearing them in the trees}. This one he brought in the house because it was 'cold' was smaller than the rest.

Now before I finish the story I have to also tell that I was happy that he found a Cicada so late in the season because it would be nice addition to Joshua's bug collection. He has to find 50 bugs for his science project. When I told Joshua, about the Cicada we both were smiling.

Today Ethan, told me the Cicada died. I asked if Josh, could have the Cicada for his bug collection. Ethan, of course said 'no' that he wanted to bury his Cicada. I asked a few times more, even told him that he could look at his dear Cicada anytime if Josh was allowed to stick a pin through it and mount it on a piece of foam. Still, he preferred to bury it.

Later I told Josh that Ethan, would not let him stick the Cicada with a pin. Josh, laughed with his cute laugh and said,  "But it's such a fine specimen" Sadly it will not be added to his bug collection.

As my dad would say, "That's my Nature Boy!"

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  1. LOL, the watermelon story made me chuckle. Too cute!

    Wow, 50 bugs! I don't even know if I can name 50 bugs. lol! Can't wait to see his display.

    Have a blessed day dear sis!!