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Changes, Changes, Changes

This is what happens when you 'think' you got next years school all figured out. Click here to see what I planned for this coming fall back in January (the 21st) Yikes. How embarrassing. I do this every year though.
Almost everything has changed. Joshua's is still the same. At least I got 1 out of 6. Caleb and Brent, will still use Easy Classical Main Schedule (with a little tweaking) but not the history or science.


  1. Linda, don't be embarassed. You have 6 kids...it's going to take time to decide on a curriculum and schedule that will work best for all. I can't wait to see your choices, and if I were ever going classical, Easy Classical would be it because I like how it's all done and planned for the parent. It looks very easy to execute.

  2. I did the same thing, mama! It is hard to figure out the best things for each child and be able to schedule it all!! I think you are wise in combining the younger children, too. That is what I decided I had to make work this year. I will be praying that you have a successful year. Oh..I still can't comment from my computer, but I'll email you later about that.


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